Paypong Palette002 Color Palette

 Paypong palette002 Color Palette

This "Paypong Palette002 Color Palette" image consists of 9 main colors, which include Boiling Magma, Capri, Amber, Princeton Orange, Radical Red, Cyanite, Ripe Lemon, Clear Orange, Radish Lips. These color combination could produce a beautiful color scheme which you could use as inspiration for your next project.

#ff3000rgb (255, 48, 0)Boiling Magma
#00c0ffrgb (0, 192, 255)Capri
#ffc000rgb (255, 192, 0)Amber
#ff9000rgb (255, 144, 0)Princeton Orange
#ff3060rgb (255, 48, 96)Radical Red
#00c0f0rgb (0, 192, 240)Cyanite
#f0d818rgb (240, 216, 24)Ripe Lemon
#f09000rgb (240, 144, 0)Clear Orange
#f03060rgb (240, 48, 96)Radish Lips

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