Soft On The Eye Pastels Color Palette

 Soft on the eye Pastels Color Palette

This "Soft On The Eye Pastels Color Palette" image consists of 11 main colors, which include Embarrassment, Lunatic Sky Dancer, Metal Spark, Ultra Pink, Glitter Shower, Hello Winter, Azuremyst Isle, Red Chalk, Mint Tonic, Waterspout, Pollen. These color combination could produce a beautiful color scheme which you could use as inspiration for your next project.

#ff7878rgb (255, 120, 120)Embarrassment
#78ffa8rgb (120, 255, 168)Lunatic Sky Dancer
#f0ff90rgb (240, 255, 144)Metal Spark
#f078ffrgb (240, 120, 255)Ultra Pink
#90ffffrgb (144, 255, 255)Glitter Shower
#90fff0rgb (144, 255, 240)Hello Winter
#d878f0rgb (216, 120, 240)Azuremyst Isle
#f07878rgb (240, 120, 120)Red Chalk
#90f0a8rgb (144, 240, 168)Mint Tonic
#a8f0ffrgb (168, 240, 255)Waterspout
#f0f0a8rgb (240, 240, 168)Pollen

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